Brawl Hacks

Ocarina Hack:  The program to open the downloaded files is WinRAR, go on google and write ” download winrar ” to get it

Go on your wii memory and copy your zelda twilight princess savegame inside a SD card and take it to your computer in a safe place, then delete it from your Wii memory.

Download Twilight hack: http://wiibrew.org/wiki/Twilight_Hack

You have downloaded the twilight hack, inside the twilight hack there are 2 files:
README and private

When you open private you find: private – wii – title – rzde, rzdj, rzdp

Make your SD card like this:

SD card: private – wii – title – rzdp – data.bin ( twilight hack ) if you have an european zelda

SD card: private – wii – title – rzdj data.bin ( twilight hack ) if you have a japanese zelda

SD card: private – wii – title – rzde – data.bin ( twilight hack ) if you have an american zelda

then put the SD on your Wii

take your twilight hack ( wich is inside the sd card ) and copy it on your wii memory.

now that the twilight hack is on your wii take your SD card and put it on your computer, then delete everything inside it.


Download the homebrew channel: http://hbc.hackmii.com/dist/the_homeb…

You downloaded the Homebrew channel, inside it you find three files: a folder called wiiload, a file called boot.elf and readme

Copy the file boot.elf inside the empty SD card

Put the SD card with the boot.elf inside your Wii

Run Zelda Twilight princess game

Go talk with the guy near link’s house

at this point if it says fail to boot .elf you must go Here:


download it, it’s a SD formatter program that i uploaded
When i had that problem i used this and then the SD worked.
But if it won’t work then you should try with another SD card

Now if it can load the boot.elf file, continue to press 1 on your wiimote to accept the questions

at the end you’ll have the homebrew channel on your wii menu.


Download Ocarina: http://wiird.l0nk.org/ocarina.zip

You downloaded Ocarina, inside it you can find: pc, hbc

Take your sd card ( that must be empty ) and create a new folder called ” apps ” inside it.

Now open the hbc folder and copy the folder ocarina inside the apps folder you just created.

Now if you want to activate the codes you must open the program called” codemgr ” wich is inside the folder called ” pc ”

Click on File and then on OPEN TXT FILE

Choose the folder you want, ” ntsc-jp ” if you have a Japanese Wii, ” ntsc-us ” if you have an American Wii and ” pal-eu ” if you have a European Wii

In the video i used Super smash bros Brawl codes, and Super smash bros Brawl is the file ” rsbp ” in the European folder ( if you have the american Brawl you must use the one inside the ” ntsc-us ” folder ) ( you can also open the wordpad files to see what game is it )

Now that you’ve activated the codes you wanted to use, click on EXPORT TO GCT

Choose your SD card where it says ” Drive letter ” and then click on ” store ”

Now inside your SD card, near the ” apps ” folder that you created before using the codes you can see the ” codes ” folder

Put the SD on your Wii and run The Homebrew channel, then the Ocarina program ( notice: while doing this you MUSTN’T have got gamecube memory cards on your wii )

Put Super smash bros Brawl in your Wii and then press A on your wiimote, after that… enjoy the fun.

If you want to delete the codes or change them, delete the codes folder from the SD card and then star again with the program codemgr

More Comming…


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